Yumen Qianhua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd(ChangzhouTianhua Pharmaceutical CO., LTD.)  was founded as Jintan Tianhua Chemical New Technology Institute in 1995, with the fixed assets of RMB 80 million and covering 40,000sqm. The company has more than 60 people including 20 technicians. It adjoins Shanghai and Nanjing enjoying transport facilitation.
Tianhua is a high technical enterprise which is engaged in R& D production, and technical sevice of API and intermediates. We also have the sovereignty for exporting and importing...

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Tetracaine·HCL 【136-47-0】
Tetracaine 【94-24-6】
Dyclonine Hydrochlor 【536-43-6】
Diethyl iminodiaceta 【6290-05-7】
3-3'-Dimethyl-1-Buty 【917-92-0】
Tripherylchlorometha 【76-83-5】
3-Chloropropylamine· 【6276-54-6】
4-Methoxyphenylaceto 【104-47-2】
4,4'-Dichlorobenzoph 【90-98-2】
BPTMC;BISP-TMC; Bisp... 【129188-99-4】
N,N-Dimethylpropiona 【758-96-3】
1,1,1-tris(4-hydroxy 【27955-94-8】
4,4',4''-Trihydroxyt 【603-44-1】
Synthesis of workshop Mixing machine Between the refined System between water Vacuum drying Instrumental analysis Sewage treatment Lean package

Yumen Qianhua Pharmaceutical
Add: No. 8, Jiuquan old chemical industrial park, Yuquan City, Gansu Province
ChangzhouTianhua Pharmaceutical
ADD: 3 # Houyang chemical zone,Gold town,Jintan,Jiangsu,China